Become a member of VENTURE

The Credit Union’s ability to lend is built upon the foundation of shares savings. The value of a share is twenty dollars ($20.00) and members agree to save at least one share per month in order to maintain active financial status.

With a share account, you earn dividends on a yearly basis at a rate that is determined at Annual General Meetings (click here to view our annual reports).

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Share Account Perks
  • Yearly dividends
  • Use funds as collateral for loans
  • Access to all VENTURE membership benefits
  • Security, ease of access and good ROI on your funds

Your questions answered

Dividends are declared at the Annual General Meeting

In order to get your dividends, members must fill out the current Dividend Distribution Form (available in branch and online) and submit the form in branch.

After completing and submitting the Dividend Distribution Form, it takes approximately one (1) week to receive dividends.

The funds remain in the dividend/suspense account. This is not an interest bearing account however, so it is recommended to move the funds.