General Manager, Sales and Service

Donna brings to us more than thirty (30) years’ experience in the Credit Union industry, specializing in
Finance and Accounting. During this time, she accrued significant experience in the areas of asset
management, business administration, human resource management as well as senior supervisory
responsibility for customer service, member relations, risk management and compliance and
communications. Donna, throughout her tenure in the Credit Union became renowned for her sound
potency in communicating with clients, which has led to her building very strong and trusting

Having advanced her skills by graduating in Credit Union Management and Management, she
subsequently attained her Executive Master’s in Business Administration and provided an exemplary
model of executing the responsibilities of Management.

Outside of her occupational performance Donna is passionate about assisting people in achieving
their career and personal goals and finds personal satisfaction in giving of her best to bring about
change, innovation and meaningful teamwork.