The co-operative began as Fedchem Credit Union, later known as Hydro Agri Credit Union, in November 1960 with a share capital of $60.


GRASTAFF Credit Union, an offshoot, was founded on 1969.

Both entities served members from the company called Federation Chemicals Limited, later known as Hydro Agri Limited.


Hydro Agri Credit Union and GRASTAFF Credit Union merged to form VENTURE Credit Union on March 3rd, 1997.

VENTURE absorbed the assets of the Couva Community Credit Union in 1999.


On June 6th, 1999. VENTURE Credit Union relocated its Head Office to Couva.


In 2008, Arouca Credit Union merged with VENTURE Credit Union.


On March 1, 2009 VENTURE opened its first branch at Arouca.


At the end of 2010, VENTURE’s asset base stood at almost $450 Million with a total active membership of approximately 13,000, comprising of employees from 37 host companies and one (1) Non-Host group.


VENTURE Credit Union officially launched its second branch located at San Fernando on Thursday 20th October, 2011.

That day was the International Credit Union Day of 2011. The branch had a soft opening on Friday 02nd September, 2011.