With a VENTURE VISA Debit Card, you never have to carry cash again. Get the peace of mind of knowing your money is secure, while not compromising on access.

VENTURE VISA debit cards are accepted everywhere the VISA symbol is accepted.

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With a VENTURE VISA debit card you get:


No need to carry cash on your person


Access funds at ATMs locally


Access funds at point of sale terminals locally and internationally


Very low fees for usage


Local client support and global assistance service

How to sign up

Signing up is extremely simple, in two simple steps you'll be ready to reap the many benefits of a VENTURE VISA debit card


Ensure you have all of the required materials:

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Download the Visa card form, fill, print and sign and attach required documents

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Please visit any one of our Branches convenient to you to process your VISA Debit Card Application.

That's all!


Amount (TTD $)

Card cost

$250.00 (Valid for 5 years)

ATM Daily Limit


Point of Sale Daily Limit


Point of Sale – Trinidad and Tobago

No Charge


No charge

ATM – Other Banks


Transactions declined due to insufficient funds (NSF) (Local or Overseas)


Point of Sale – Overseas


E-commerce / Online Transactions


Monthly Foreign Currency Limit for Online & Point of Sale Purchases

$1,750 per month (approximately US$250 per month)




Two (2) Valid IDs:

  • National ID Card

  • Driver's Permit

  • Passport

Proof of Employment and Income:

  • Employed Persons - Job Letter not older than 3 months addressed to VENTURE Credit Union

  • Self Employed (Business Owner) – Business Registration Certificate or Articles of Association/Incorporation

  • Self Employed (Business not registered) – An affidavit stating source of income along with receipts from services provided

  • Unemployed Persons – A letter from the person funding the account stating their intent to fund same along with their job letter/payslip (not older than three (3) months) and a copy of one (1) ID

  • Pensioner/Retiree – Pension letter from the Government / Private Institution outlining payment details or Pension slips for the last three (3) months or Bank statement for the last three (3) months outlining pension deposits.

  • 3 months. Job letter must be addressed to VENTURE Credit Union

Proof of Address

  • Utility Bill in your name no older than 3 months – if the bill is not in your name, the owner must authorize you to use the bill by completing the VCU authorization letter & a copy of bill owner’s ID.

Visa Debit Fee

  • Upfront Fee of $250.00 – This fee will cover the two years usage of the card. Annual fees must be paid before submission of the card application to the Product Administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit any VENTURE Credit Union branch or transfer funds from your Deposit account to your VENTURE VISA Debit Card using e-services or the mobile app.

* Funds transferred to your Visa Debit Card before 12 noon are submitted same day and will be accessible 24 hours after.

* Funds transferred to your Visa Debit Card after 12 noon are submitted the next working day at 12 noon and will be accessible 24 hours after.

Once the card is collected at any VENTURE Credit Union branch, the card is activated. You then have to pin the card if you wish to use the card at any local ATM. To pin the card, please visit any of the following JMMB Bank locations:

• Tunapuna Branch 30-32 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna

• Central Location – DSM Plaza, Old Southern Main Road, Chaguanas

• San Fernando Branch – SouthPark, Tarouba Link Road, San Fernando

Yes you can withdraw from any local ATM once the card was pinned at a JMMB location

In order to receive your VISA debit card balance, for the safety of your account you can visit us in branch, call 225-4VCU (4828) or complete the contact us form on the website.

Yes, inform VENTURE Credit Union of your travel dates and locations prior to your trip to avoid suspension of your VISA debit card. You can visit us in branch, call 225-4VCU (4828) or complete the contact us form.

You can connect your VENTURE VISA debit card to your PayPal account in 4 easy steps:

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. Click wallet at the top of the page.
  3. Click link a payment method and select debit card.
  4. Fill in your details and follow the on-screen instructions to add the card.

A refund for a cancelled order which was originally made using your VENTURE VISA debit card may take up to 30 days to show on your debit card statement but will typically be accessible within 24-48 hours on your card.

To dispute a transaction, please contact VENTURE Credit Union at 225-4VCU (4828) or via email at products@venturecu.com.

In order to proceed with the investigation, you must visit the branch to complete a dispute form. We will proceed with an investigation upon receipt of the signed copy.

The investigation process may take between 45-60 days after which you would be informed of the outcome.

No, the hold only highlights the original authorized amount of your transaction. Once the hold is removed from your account the funds will simply be available.

A hold on an account can last for 21 working days before it is lifted. This is not controlled by VENTURE.

In order to have the hold lifted, you would need to request details surrounding the transaction from the merchant. To get the process started, please send an email to products@venturecu.com with the following details.

• Date transaction was conducted

• Order Number

• Authorization Code

• Total amount of the transaction

The VENTURE VISA debit card is valid for 5 years and can be renewed within the month of expiration.

To request a replacement card visit us in branch along with the expired card and the upfront fee of $250. You may also call 225-4VCU (4828) for information.

The renewal card will be ready for collection within two weeks of application. Existing funds will automatically be applied to the new card.