Health care is probably one of the most uncertain and expensive cost that every family faces. VENTURE is aware of this and our continuous effort to meet and exceed the needs of our membership we propose VENTURE’s Group Health Plan

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This plan covers expenses such as:
  • Major medical (surgeries, etc.)
  • Doctors visits / specialists visits
  • Hospital
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Maternity
  • Preventative Care
  • Miscellaneous (Prescription drugs, x-rays, labs etc.)
Dependent Coverage Details

SPOUSE: Your dependent spouse (legal or common-law) can be included on the Plan. For common-law parties a Common-Law Certificate would be required.

CHILDREN: Any unmarried children under the age of nineteen (19) years (including legally adopted or step-children) and who are fully dependent on the member. Children up to the age of twenty-three (23) years who are attending any institute of higher learning would be required to provide a letter from the University on an annual basis.

Members between the ages of 18-60 years are eligible to join as well as their dependents. The plan also carries a retiree benefit with coverage up to age 99 for any member on the plan prior to age 60.