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    How do you ensure that all nominations are received?

    During the nomination period, locked “drop boxes” are placed in all branches. Applicants are directed to deposit applications directly into the “drop boxes”, which are cleared daily by Branch Managers. All applications received are forwarded to the Executive Assistant who collates the applications and forward them to the Nominating Committee for consideration.

    Confidentiality Agreement of former workers.

    All employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement during our onboarding phase which prohibits them from disclosing certain information about the Society. It is a permanent agreement, which means a signed confidentiality agreement remains valid after employment has ended. 

    Would you be having any vendor markets to encourage entrepreneurs?

    We wish to direct you to our 'Members Helping Members' initiative on our website where you can advertise your business at no cost to you. Stay tuned for any marketing initiatives via social media and email updates.

    Would you be having any fun walks as I miss those, thanks.

    We miss our fun walks too! Stay tuned for any announcements regarding the resumption of our annual 5K event via social media and email updates.

    Opening hours especially on Friday. Why is it similar to a bank?

    Arising from consultation with members and staff, our opening hours were amended in 2019.
    The intention was to achieve an improved work/life balance for our staff, while facilitating all our members to transact business at their convenience.

    Are linx cards available at all locations?

    Linx machines are available at all our locations.

    Assistance in housing

    VCU has affordable mortgage loans available for persons interested in acquiring real estate.

    Unavailability of physical statements

    The Society no longer post paper statements. We encourage members to sign up for VENTURE's mobile banking to access their electronic statements which is secure and convenient. Members are also advised that their statement can be printed at the branches upon request.

    Can members start receiving statements monthly via email?

    VCU values the security and privacy of our members' information. Although receiving statements via email is convenient, it poses a risk of email-related threats such as phishing and hacking. Therefore, VCU is not considering this option currently. Instead, we encourage our members to enroll in the HomeCU/Blossom/E-statements platform to access updated statements online securely.

    Why monthly statements are not posted or on display for members viewing?

    Kindly note that the monthly financial statements are displayed on the TV monitors at all the

    Is there any access through the credit union for medical insurance for persons 70 plus?

    Unfortunately, there is no medical insurance coverage for persons 70 plus. If the member had
    the coverage prior to age 60 years, the coverage continues to 99 years with reduced benefits.

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