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    Q: How is VENTURE dealing with the Health and Safety issues surrounding Covid-19?

    A: We are fully compliant with the Ministry of Health Guidelines, When members sign in, they are asked to state contact number in the event of contact tracing. Availed to both staff & members: testing of temperature before entering building, automated hand dispensers strategically located. Counter tops/work stations are sanitized after each member transaction. Number of persons limited to enter at any given time. Adherence to social distancing protocols.

    Q: Will there be an opportunity to ask questions at the upcoming AGM?

    A: Written questions and comments are encouraged and can be submitted at any time during the meeting. However, verbal questions and comments would be limited and moderated by the Chairman in the interest of effective time management of the meeting. The Chairman of the meeting will advise when members will be allowed to the open Q&A forum which shall be available during specified periods. Written questions and comments not addressed at the meeting will be posted and answered and placed on our website over the following week.

    Q: I congratulate VENTURE on finally hosting our AGM. Once I login at the meeting can I leave and return at any time?

    A: Yes, you may return at any time. Your attendance is very important to us. However, once you step away from your laptop/desktop/tablet we ask that you log off. This will assist with the accuracy of the credentials reports at the time for elections and consideration of the Board’s recommendation or resolutions.

    Q: How can I send my questions after I register?

    A: Questions can be sent in at any time after your register. Please send to

    Q: Date and time of the meeting. All Seventh-Day Adventist will automatically be excluded from the AGM because that is our church time and that timing infringe on our constitutional rights to worship. Why put the AGM on a Saturday when a large number of members are s Seventh-Day Adventist?

    A: VENTURE take pride in serving all members. Your concern is noted and worthy of further consideration. As you may recall, our prior AGMs were hosted on a weekday. The 2020 AGM is scheduled for a Saturday based on the repeated requests from several of our Members who attended the AGM of 2019.

    Q: Do the persons participating online get a token?

    A: Tokens were purchased for all participants who will be contacted to arrange collection.

    Q: It seems that there is a line drawn in sand in 2017 where there is a Venture Credit Union before 2017 and a new VENTURE (2017) Credit Union that has based its strategy on ‘Legacy’. It it then that this Board of Directors is not willing to take responsibility for the decisions made prior to 2017? Since many of Directors on the board have been present both in the ‘old’ venture and the ‘new’ venture

    A: VENTURE treats all delinquency as part of the overall portfolio of the Society and has, unfortunately, had to dedicate significant resource to its management. As per VENTURE’s Bye Laws, the Credit Committee shall have the general supervision of all loans to Members. It is the duty of the Board to be responsible for the general management of the Society.

    Q: The voting is linked to your ID. How confidential is this?

    A: The voting is linked to your name and date of birth and is considered confidential

    Q: How come there are 160 members on line in the meeting and 300 plus voters?

    A: We had 407 Members enter the digital portal and attending the Meeting.

    We noted that in the early stages of the Meeting, despite already having over 350 Members present on the portal, the total numbers voting on motions were fewer than 100.

    The election process itself was opened at 12:31 pm by the Returning Officer and closed at 12:44 pm. In order to determine the number of Members that were actively participating, he asked Members to indicate same by selecting the “Raise Hand” option available in Zoom. Unfortunately, only160 persons made this selection, despite having 377 members on the Portal during voting, and this number (160 persons) was shared with the Meeting. The response from Members suggests that many had already migrated from Zoom to the digital Portal to vote. The use of a separate digital portal for the election process was necessary to ensure a secure feature that facilitated the “one member – one vote” requirement that Zoom could not provide. Therefore, no opportunity for misrepresenting the final election results existed.

    The Returning Officer (from the office of the Commissioner for Co-operatives), together with two of his Supervisors, independently monitored and supervised the entire election process. They confirmed the process was professional, impartial, accurate and transparent in all stages.


    To view the President’s official AGM communication please click here.

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