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    Q: How soon is a new CEO expected to be hired?

    A: VENTURE has initiated the recruitment and selection process to hire a new CEO.

    Q: Two (2) Senior Executive Managers have moved on. What has been done to address the issue of staff turnover and retention of senior management staff?

    A: HR strategies are currently being discussed as part of our strategic plan.

    Q: VENTURE’s practices are starting to resemble banks and the staff no longer look happy. What are we doing to address the morale of the employees of VENTURE so that the Members are once again greeted by happy looking staff? Some of our staff look stressed and not present. I’m losing the family cooperative feel.

    A: VENTURE is in the process of drafting its strategic plan for the period 2021 – 2023 in which one of the strategic focus areas identified is Talent Management & Organizational Culture. Initiatives will be identified under this area of focus which will address concerns with staff morale and culture. See page 35 of the AGM Report for an insight into the Strategic Plan

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