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    Q: Page 25 first graph , small business 60% . If principal to these loans, what is the expected value? According to page 66 section 8.3 paragraph 5 these loans are secured.

    A: There is no exposure since these loans are fully secured with loan collateral.

    Q: Second graph : Ordinary loans 66%. How many of these members are less than 2 years ?

    A: The Ordinary loan delinquency does not comprise of persons with less than 2 years membership.

    Q: Page 29 : Initiatives championed (success and challenge) Item 4 provide some info on “ Best in class “. When can automation be expected to commence.

    A: Automation is one of our initiatives in our 2022-2024 strategic plan which will be rolled out in due course.

    Q: Page 66 Principal which is impaired, is small businesses included?

    A: Small business loans are not included.

    Q: Page 83 What is the expected value for land and building taxes?

    A: The Board of Inland Revenue will determine the annual taxable value and issue a Notice of Assessment, which will confirm the

    amount of property tax to be paid.

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