VENTURE Credit Union is continuing to update its membership database and invite members who have not transacted business with us for over (1) year to contact us to update their account. Please reach out to us before October 31st, 2021 via any of the options below:
  • Email :

  • Telephone : 225-4VCU (4828)

  • Mobile Hotline : 751-0652

  • Or visit any of our three (3) Branches

Please be advised that in accordance with the Co-operative Societies' Act 1971, 81:03 and VENTURE's Bye Law 12. (b), this notice is published.

The Board and Management of VENTURE Credit Union value your continued membership and support and invite you to re-connect with us.

By Order of Management

September 28th, 2021

VENTURE's Bye Law 12. (b), if the whereabouts of any member are not known to the Society and no claim is made within one year from the date of their last transaction with the Society, the Board may transfer their Shares or interests, after deducting any sum due to the Society to an unclaimed Share Account. Any sums remaining unclaimed in this account for one year shall be transferred to the Reserve Fund.

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